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they might say 'hi' and I might say 'hey'

Yen. is a 23-year-old girl. She is originally from Singapore. However, she currently resides in Perth, Australia where she attends university with her husband. She is mostly Chinese, with a bit of unknown foreign blood that has been so diluted it seems non-existent. By day, she is a university student. By night, she is an avid fangirl. She is now a retired fangirl and spends most of her time involved with activities offline. She still has her occasional fangirl moment but, they are rare and short-lived.

Fangirls SHINee, especially Flaming Charisma Minho. Super Junior, especially Game!Kyu. DBSK, especially Max Changmin with his sharp tongue and wit. SNSD where she wishes half of them were her unnies. CNBLUE, especially the rockin’ Jung Yonghwa. f(x), where most of them are younger than her.

Warning! occasional non-English entries. rl rants. diary of a cynic.

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